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One of the best things about used furniture is that each and every piece comes with a story, whether you know that story or not. You'll hardly ever have to scramble for conversation with guests if you have used furniture in your home or apartment. You can either tell your guests where the furniture came from, who owned it or its historic significance if it has one. You can also make up stories if you like and flex your creative muscles. Used furniture also imbues your apartment with a certain ambience that you just can't get with new furniture. That's not to say that your apartment will look retro or like a secondhand shop, simply that used furniture has a certain aesthetic about it that can't be duplicated or replicated with contemporary furniture. Make national furniture liquidators your first stop if you're looking for inexpensive used furniture.

A Simple Upgrade

If you like the price of used or old furniture, but you aren't completely sold on its appearance, there are things that you can do to make your furniture pieces look more to your liking.

  1. Coat It. Simply adding lacquer to a painted or stained furniture piece will re-imbue it with a bit of luster. Check your local home improvement store to see if they have a polyurethane semi-gloss and a brush that you can buy. You'll want to make sure that you sand the furniture with 400-grit paper between lacquer applications. If you're looking to be environmentally friendly, there are water-based lacquer sealers that you can buy

  2. Leaf It. Another option is for you to use a stencil to apply gold leafing on your furniture to create shapes and patterns on desk tops and table fronts. There are several stencils that you can download off of the Internet. Alternatively, you can create a custom stencil or use painter's tape to make an easy pattern. Metallic paint and sheets of gold leaf can be bought at either arts and craft stores or home improvement stores.

  3. Update It. If you like, you can also get new drawer pulls and knobs for your side tables, dressers, desks and chests. You can usually find such hardware for pretty cheap at thrift stores.


The Best Parts of Buying Used

Besides the price and look of look of used furniture, there are several other great thing about used furniture. Used furniture is much better for the environment since new resources don't have to be used in order to make your coffee table, couch or end table. Older furniture is most often made of solid wood and is sturdier and more durable than most of the contemporary and new furniture you'll find today. That's not to say that all new furniture won't last you more than a year, just that there are plenty of horror stories about new furniture that quickly fell apart or wasn't made with quality materials. You might also be concerned about the questionable labor situations that take place overseas where furniture was made. Now that we have more information about where our food, furniture and automobiles come from, consumers are trying to be more careful and more aware about the products that they buy and who they buy them from. Check the inventory of furniture liquidators if you'd like to decorate your home with sturdy, well-made furniture.

Shopping Tips

As you're shopping for new used furniture, you'll want to be sure you give yourself as much time as you need to find the perfect piece. Just because you've found a good deal doesn't automatically mean that you've found your good deal. That good deal might not be a good fit for the overall decor you've got in mind. Buying items you don't need only wastes money and space.

Just like it's best if you go to the grocery store with a shopping list, you should go furniture shopping at furniture liquidators with a list as well. That way you can save yourself time contemplating whether or not you actually need that stereo cabinet or ottoman. If it's not on the list, leave it.

Before you head out to yard sales and thrift stores, decide what type of scratches, scrapes and other imperfections you can handle. If you like fixing old furniture up, you might not mind it if a piece of furniture has a leg or another part missing. If you don't plan on altering your furniture, then it might take you a little longer to find the piece you're looking for.

You'll also want to make sure that you thoroughly inspect any used furniture that you buy. It's not as though you can get a warranty for it, so give it a full once over from top to bottom and front to back before the sale is final. National furniture liquidators sells quality used furniture, so be sure to check there first.

Getting used furniture for your apartment can actually be enjoyable if you understand that it's going to take patience and effort in order for you to get exactly what you want, and even then it might take a little more effort on your part to fix up your furniture to your liking.


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