National Office Liquidators

National office liquidators can sell you some of the best looking recycled office furniture you've seen at an affordable price. Look them up the next time you're ready to remodel your office or when you're in need of new office furniture.

Options for Recycled Office Furniture

The word recycled can carry several different definitions, especially when it comes to office furniture. Recycled furniture options include:

  1. Refurbished Furniture: Refurbished furniture hasn't gone through the same rigorous repurposing process that re-manufactured furniture has. Instead, refurbished furniture has been repaired, cleaned and recoated with fresh paint and new fabrics

  2. Re-manufactured: A re-manufactured piece of furniture has been brought back to its original, unblemished condition. If you want to get as close as possible to getting new office furniture without actually buying new office furniture, be on the lookout for re-manufactured furniture. Another great thing about re-manufactured furniture is that you're able to select the surface, colors and fabrics yourself

  3. Reused Furniture: Reused furniture is purchased as is. It hasn't been repaired or altered and you're simply reusing it in the purest sense of the word


Reasons to Buy Used Office Furniture

No matter how much money you know that you can save, you still might not be fully convinced that used office furniture from national office liquidators is the way to go. You might be under the impression that getting used furniture will make you look cheap or tacky. After all, there is a certain impression that you want to give to customers and clients who have to walk through your office. If that is the case, then you might want to get some high quality designer office furniture and mix it with a few well-chosen and affordable options. You also have the option of reupholstering any used furniture that you buy so that it will at least look new.

Used furniture also adds a unique ambience to your office that you just can't get with brand new and contemporary furniture. Rather than looking like another business office, older office furniture pieces make visitors feel as though they've been transported back in time. It's something that will most definitely be noticed and will also make you stand out from other businesses. Older well-kept furniture is also a good way to connect with guest, customers and clients as you tell them a bit about the history of the item. This shows that you're about more than making a profit, you also want to be remembered and be innovative as well.

Businesses that have a certain public image to maintain will find that recycled furniture is better for the environment. If more offices buy used furniture, that means that fewer raw materials will be used in order to make new furniture.

Buying Power

As you're shopping for used furniture, you'll want to be careful. The only way you're going to get high quality used furniture is if you do business with a reputable office liquidator. Always understand just what it is that you're buying before you close the deal. Has the furniture been completely re-manufactured or has it just been reupholstered? You'll also want to do some comparison shopping before making a final decision. This doesn't mean simply shopping for the best prices, you'll also want to shop for the best warranties and service options as well.

Comparison shopping also means comparing the reputation of whatever liquidators you're thinking of doing business with. It's best that you only do business with an office liquidator that has an abundance of experience and offers the brand names and types of office furniture that you're the most interested in. An experienced liquidator is not only to your advantage, but to their own as well. Liquidators need to know if they're actually getting the brands that they're paying money for, which requires a few years of experience.

Ask for Employee Input

If your office has several employees, ask for their input about what kind of furniture you should get. After all, they have to look at it and use it just as much as you do. Having comfortable furniture that they like just as much as you do can do wonders for employee moral. How productive do you expect your employees to be if they're constantly being distracted by the sight of a desk, chair or conference table that they can't even stand the sight of? They might find themselves doing anything and everything possible to distance themselves from the piece of furniture in question. Helping to decide on the office furniture makes employees feel as though they're actually part of the company as opposed to being just another employee.

National office liquidators are ready, willing and able to take care of all of your used office furniture needs. Allow them to save you time, money and the environment as well.




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