National Boat Liquidators: What Are They?

A national boat liquidator sells or auctions off used boats, yachts, and government seized fleets to the general public. Since the value of luxury boats or commercial marine vessels rarely go down, it is a relatively difficult to dispose of them. National boat liquidators help boat owners convert their prized assets into cash by buying them off and selling them in the market. Their other functions related to the sale of the boats include appraisal, marketing, financing, and pre-sale maintenance. National boat liquidators also secure marine properties from yachts to passenger cruise ships taken from repossession, foreclosures, and government-seized vehicles.

National Boat Liquidators Services

Completing a transaction for these marine units takes a lot of time. You need to accomplish the paperwork, apply for insurance, take the boat out for a test run, and figure out the financial package that you will adapt before the deal is finalized. National boat liquidators provide a wide range of services to ensure that your purchase is done conveniently. If you are interested in bidding, you can view boat inventories online. You can find a comprehensive inventory from the National Liquidators website (http://www.yachtauctions.com/inventory.asp).

Origin of Liquidated Boats

There are many different origins of these liquidated boats. Such boats can come from abandoned vessels at sea, used boats that need refurbishing, or owners looking to sell their new boat for an old one. Unidentified boats that were shipwrecked due to bad weather are renovated and sold off through national marine liquidators. If the taxes related to the boat are left unpaid, the government may choose to acquire the property and liquidate it through national liquidators. Some luxury boats may also be sold after being seized by the government due to criminal actions.

Then you have boats that once belonged to government agencies such as FBI or the US Marshall. If a boat has completed his term of duty with a particular government agency, other government agencies may acquire the boat or liquidated property through national boat liquidators. With so many sources of liquidated boats, you can attend weekly auction events and find as much as 300 boats being auctioned in one session. Aside from yachts and commercial vessels, you can also find fishing boats, cabin cruisers, trawlers, and house boats. You can find any boat that you need from national boat liquidators without much restriction.

Tips in Buying a Liquidated Boat

While buying boats through national liquidators will give you price breaks and huge savings, there are critical things that one must consider before committing to the sale. Since we are talking about used boats, you must make sure that you understand the process of the sale. Not every cheap boat will work out for you in the long run, so being cautious when dealing with these boats will be very beneficial for you.

First, you have to estimate the cost of repairing the boat. National liquidators will make sure that the boat floats, but other than that they only provide few renovations. Determine if you have the time and money to repair the boat you are buying. Getting the boat seems like a steal, but getting it to work your way may be very costly. On-site prices may look great, but once you get into the cost of transporting the boat to your home port, you may not like it as much. Evaluate all considerations or talk to a trusted professional to know the true cost of the boat before you buy it. Research the history of the boat at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the US Coast Guard Database.

You should ask yourself why you need or want a boat. We have different reasons why we buy what we want to buy. Whatever reasons they are, you must be able to justify to yourself that you can use it for the price that you are paying. Ask your family what kind of boat they would like and how they use it.

National liquidators also offer boat financing. Part of the true cost of the boat may be hidden in the financing contract through interest rates, penalties, and other terms. A low priced boat may cost you a lot in the long run if you do not monitor various expenses. Always add the cost of financing to the true cost of the liquidated boat. Get pre-approved financing prior to attending boat auctions so that you can complete the transaction without being rushed to process your boat financing. After getting friendly financing terms, take your time finding boat and towing insurance. Buying a boat through national marine liquidators may be the best thing that you can do for yourself. If you are someone who cannot get enough of the sea, this is your chance to finally have a boat that you can call your own.

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